Why is Sawan month special-2022

According to Hindu scriptures, the month of Sawan is very dear to Lord Shiva. This month is dedicated to Lord Shiva in which devotees take various measures to please him. In the year 2022, the month of Sawan has started from 14th July. This year the first Monday (Sombar)of Sawan falls on 18th July. A devotee who worships Lord Shiva with a sincere heart (Why is Sawan month special-2022 ) and remains absorbed in his penance, all his wishes are fulfilled. And he always finds success in life. Along with this, it is also said that fasting in Sawan is also beneficial for unmarried girls. It is believed that while worshiping Lord Shiva in Sawan one must recite mythological stories. A devotee who recites the legend of Lord Shiva gets the full fruit of fasting.

When does the month of Sawan begin?

The month of Sawan has started from July 14 this year.

The month of Sawan will last from July 14 to August 22.

First Day of Sawan- 14 July 2022, Thursday

Last day of Sawan- 12th August, Friday

Sawan Monday (Sombar)list

• First Monday (Sombar)of Sawan- 18th July

• Second Monday (Sombar)of Sawan- 25th July

• Third Monday (Sombar)of Sawan- 01 August

• Fourth Monday (Sombar)of Sawan- 08 August

Significance of the month of Sawan

  • The month of Sawan is very important.
  • All wishes are fulfilled by worshiping Lord Shiva in this month.
  • Fasting on Mondays done in this month gives results very quickly.
  • People who are facing problems in their marriage should do special worship of Lord Shankar in the month of Sawan. By the grace of Lord Shiva, problems related to marriage are removed.
  • By worshiping Shiva in this month, one gets rid of all kinds of sins and attains salvation after death.

How did the tradition of Kawar begin?

According to mythology, it was Lord Parashurama who started the tradition of Kanvar. It is said that in the month of Sawan, Lord Parashuram used to worship Lord Shiva with true heart. He used to travel to the Shiva temple by filling water (Why is Sawan month special-2022 ) in the kanvar and worshiping Lord Shiva sincerely after performing water abhisheka on the Shivalinga. The month of Sawan and Sawan Monday (Sombar)are very dear to Lord Shiva, that’s why fasting on Monday (Sombar)in the month of Sawan is considered very beneficial. It is said that the worship of Lord Shiva and his fasting started because of Lord Parashuram.

Why is the month of Sawan dear to Lord Shiva?

According to another story, Lord Shiva himself told the Sanat Kumaras why he loves the month of Sawan and why it is beneficial to worship him in this month. When the Sanat Kumaras asked Lord Shiva about the glory of the month (Why is Sawan month special-2022 ) of Sawan, Lord Shiva said that Goddess Sati had given up her body in the house of her father Daksha. Goddess Sati had resolved that she would marry Lord Shiva in every birth. In the next birth, Goddess Sati was born as Parvati. Parvati did severe penance to get Lord Shiva in the month of Sawan. Due to which he met Lord Shiva and lived a happy life. Since then the month of Sawan became very dear to Lord Shiva.

Sawan Month Puja- method

• Get up early in the morning and wear clean clothes after taking bath etc.

• Light the lamp in the house temple.

• Abhishek all the gods and goddesses with Ganga water.

• Offer Ganges water and milk in Shivlinga.

• Offer flowers to Lord Shiva.

• Offer Bel Patra to Lord Shiva.

• Perform Aarti to Lord Shiva and offer bhog too. Keep in mind that only sattvic things are enjoyed by God.

• Meditate on Lord Shiva more and more.

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