Why A Saphala Ekadashi Is Important

The fast of Ekadashi of Krishna Paksha of Poush month is about to give the virtue of doing penance for thousands of years, which is called Safala Ekadashi. The fast of Safala Ekadashi is on Thursday, December 30. On the day (Why a saphala Ekadashi is important) of Safala Ekadashi, Lord Vishnu is worshiped while fasting. This time Safala Ekadashi is on Thursday only, so its significance is special. Lord Vishnu is worshiped on Thursdays. This time Safala Ekadashi fasting will also get the benefit of Thursday fasting. Those who fast on the day of Safala Ekadashi, must listen to the story of Safala Ekadashi fast during worship. According to religious beliefs, whatever we fast, listening to the story of the fast is the fulfillment of the fast. Virtue is obtained from it.

Successful Ekadashi fasting story

Yudhisthira once asked Lord Krishna about the glory and importance of Safala Ekadashi fast. Then Lord Krishna narrated the story of successful Ekadashi fast, which is as follows. According to the Padmapuran, the king of the city of (Why a saphala Ekadashi is important) Champawati was Mahishman. He had five sons, the eldest of whom was ungodly and immoral. He always insulted and condemned the gods and goddesses. He used to eat meat and drink alcohol. Saddened by this, King Mahishman named him Lumbhak and drove him out of his kingdom.

Due to this behavior of his father, Lumbhak started living in the forest. After some time, the night of Dashmi of Krishna Paksha of Poush month came. It was very cold that day, which disturbed Lambhak and he could not sleep. His condition was bad due to cold. The next morning, on the day of Ekadashi, he was almost dead. When the sun’s rays fell on him in the afternoon, he regained consciousness.

After drinking water, some strength came in his body, so he went out to pick fruits. In the evening he brought the fruit and placed it near the root of a peepal tree. Sitting there, he started cursing his own luck. Later he dedicated those fruits to Lord Vishnu and said that O Lakshmipati Lord Srihari Vishnu! Be happy Safala Ekadashi was on that day.

Lumbhak spent the whole day as usual and could not sleep at night due to cold. The whole night was spent waking up. Unknowingly, he fasted Safala Ekadashi. Due to the effect of successful Ekadashi fast, he started walking on the path of Dharma, he got the tendency to do good deeds. Sometime later, when King Mahishman came to know about this, he brought Lumbhak back to the kingdom.

King Mahishman made his son Lumbhak king of the city of Champawati and handed over the throne. King Mahishman himself went to the forest to perform penance. Some time later, Lumbhak had a son, named Manojna. When he grew up, (Why a saphala Ekadashi is important) Kumbhak handed over power to his son and attained salvation by immersing himself in devotion to Lord Vishnu. In this way the successful Ekadashi succeeds the person and gives salvation.

Importance of Safala Ekadashi

According to Hinduism, every Ekadashi has a special significance. To know the significance (Why a saphala Ekadashi is important) of Krishna Ekadashi of Poush month, Pandava eldest son Yudhisthira says to Lord Krishna, “O Keshav, what is the name of Poush Krishna Ekadashi? Which deity is worshiped on that day and what is its method? Please tell me something about this Ekadashi “

Listening to Yudhisthira, Krishna says, “Dharmaraja! I am not happy with all kinds of Mahayagya, religious rituals and charity. As much as I am from the ritual of Ekadashi fast. Therefore Ekadashi must be fasted with full devotion. Krishna Ekadashi of Poush month is called Safala Ekadashi. On this Ekadashi, Lord Vishnu is worshiped. “

Just as Sheshnag in snakes, Ashwamedha in sacrifices and Garuda in birds, Lord Vishnu is superior in deities, so Ekadashi fast is best in all kinds of vratas Keeps the grace of Lord Vishnu on him.

Worship method of Safala Ekadashi

  • On the day of Safala Ekadashi, get up early in the morning before sunrise, clean the house and take a bath.
  • Worship Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Vishnu together at the place of worship of the house wearing clean clothes.
  • First bathe the idols with Ganga water and then offer kalava as garments.
  • After the bathing process, place roli and akshat and place a garland of flowers.
  • Offer sweets to Lord Vishnu and Goddess Lakshmi, after which do Aarti with Lakshmi’s mother Lakshmi.
  • If possible, wake up at night and do bhajan-kirtan of God.
  • One day later, on Dwadashi Tithi, get up early in the morning, retire from daily activities (such as bath, food) and give food to Brahmins. Then give Dan-Dakshina and say goodbye.

What not to do on Ekadashi?

Consumption of rice and barley is forbidden on Ekadashi. According to a legend, in order to escape the wrath of mother Kalka, sage Medha gave up her body and became absorbed in the earth. The day on which sage Medha gave up the body was Ekadashi. After which they regenerate in the form of rice and barley. This is why on this day rice and barley are considered to be the incarnation of the creature. On this day do not consume vengeful things like garlic, onion, meat, wine.

Successful Ekadashi auspicious moment

Ekadashi Date Start – December 29, 2021 Wednesday from 04:12 p.m.

Ekadashi Date Expires – December 30, 2021 Thursday at 1:40 p.m.

Passing Moment of Safala Ekadashi Vrat – 31st December 2021, Friday from 07:14 AM to 09:18 AM

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