Trust in god-Motivational Story

Have you ever felt that there are problems all around you and you cannot escape (Trust in god-Motivational Story) from them and you have to give up? In this we will tell you what you should do in such a situation. Motivational Story

It is a matter of time. It was evening time. The forest was covered with black clouds. Due to the black clouds, lightning had fallen in the forest and the forest had caught fire.

In that forest lived a beautiful blonde deer. She came to a river in the evening to drink water. At that moment he saw his anxious shadow inside the river. Anxiety was visible on his face. Because her house was on fire and she had to give birth to her children.

The deer was three months pregnant and she was having labor pains. Then the deer thought that he should give birth to his children in a good place on the bank of this river.

Suddenly the deer heard some noise in the bushes by the river. Then he looked at the bushes (Trust in god-Motivational Story) with his squint, then he saw a shadow.

In that bush a hunter was loading bullets into his gun to hunt. He was thinking of hunting that deer.

The deer was already very nervous and was even more frightened when she saw the hunter. The deer thought in her mind to run away from there slowly. As she started to run away she saw her death standing in front of her. In front of him stood a ferocious lion. That lion was also thinking of making that deer his prey.

The deer looked all around in which the hunter was on one side, the lion on the other side, the forest fire on the third side and the river deer on the fourth side. He thought to himself that crossing this river is not his only thing. Behind is a forest fire. On one side the hunter will hunt him and on the other side the lion will make him his food.

The deer thought hard to save her life. But no way was found. Then the deer thought to herself that she has to die, so why be afraid. Death is all around. Now you will die with dignity. It was as if the deer had lost its mind.

Thinking like this, the deer pulled the chest and stood in front of the hunter and closed her eyes and started thanking God for this life and started asking for life donation.

Just then the hunter had loaded bullets in his gun and he was aiming the deer by pointing the (Trust in god-Motivational Story) gun towards the deer and putting the gun on his shoulder that a strange incident happened there.

A spark erupted from the forest fire and the spark hit the hunter’s eye, the hunter became blind. The hunter missed the target from the side of the deer and the lion turned around and the lion got injured on the spot and fell there.

With the roar of lightning, it began to rain a little. Due to the rain, the weather became very (Trust in god-Motivational Story) pleasant and the forest fire was stopped due to the rain. In this happy season, the deer gave birth to three children.

From this we should learn in our life that we should never retreat from the troubles in our life. The problem will come in our life, we should fight it and not be afraid of it. Face problems openly and trust God. God does good to everyone.

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