Somavari Vrat Katha-2022

In a certain city there lived a rich merchant. His business was spread far and wide. All the people of the city respected that merchant. Even after all this prosperity, the merchant was very sad (why is Sawan Month Special-2022) because he had no son. Due to which, after his death, he was always worried about the successor of the business. With the desire to get a son, the merchant would fast and worship Lord Shiva (Somavari Vrat Katha-2022) every Monday and in the evening he would go to the Shiva temple and light a ghee lamp in front of Shivaji. Mother Parvati was pleased to see his devotion and requested Lord Shiva to fulfill the wish of the merchant.

Lord Shiva said: Everyone in this world gets the fruit according to his actions. Those who act like animals get the same results.

Despite Shivaji’s explanation, Mother Parvati did not agree and kept requesting Shivaji repeatedly to fulfill the wishes of the merchant. Finally, seeing the request of the mother, Lord Bholenath had to give the boon of getting a son to that merchant.

After giving the boon, Bholenath spoke to mother Parvati: On your request, I have given the boon of a son, but this son will not live for more than 16 years. That same night Lord Shiva appeared in the businessman’s dream and gave him the boon of a son and told him that his son would live for 16 years.

The merchant was happy with God’s gift, but the worry of his son’s short life destroyed that happiness. As before, the businessman continued to observe Lord Shiva’s fast on Monday. After a few months, a very beautiful child was (Somavari Vrat Katha-2022) born in her house, and the house was filled with happiness.

The ceremony of the son’s birth was celebrated with great fanfare, but the merchant was not overjoyed at the son’s birth because he knew the secret of the son’s short life. When the son was 12 years old, the merchant sent him to (Somavari Vrat Katha-2022) Varanasi to study with his uncle. The boy went with his uncle to get an education. Wherever uncle-nephew stopped for rest on the way, they performed yagna and fed Brahmins.

After a long journey, uncle-nephew reached a town. On that day, the daughter of the king of the city was married, due to which the whole city was decorated. At the appointed time, the procession came but the groom’s father was very worried because his son was blind. He was afraid that the king would refuse the marriage if he found out about this.

This will also bring him infamy. When the groom’s father saw the merchant’s son, an idea came to his mind. He thought why not marry this boy to the princess. After marriage, I will give her money and send her away and take the princess to my city.

The groom’s father spoke to the boy’s maternal uncle in this regard. Mama accepted the word of the groom’s father in the greed of getting money. The boy was dressed as a groom and married to the princess.

The king sent the princess away with a lot of money. After the wedding, when the boy was returning with the princess, he could not hide the truth and he wrote on the princess’s dress: Princess, you were married to me, I am going to study in Varanasi and now you are the young man. You have to become a wife, she is a child.

When the princess read the writing on her cloak, she refused to go with the boy. When the king came to know all these things, he kept the princess in the palace.

On the other hand, the boy reached Varanasi with his uncle and started studying in the Gurukul. When he was 16 years old, he performed a sacrifice. At the end of the yajna, the Brahmins were fed and donated plenty of food and clothes. At night he slept in his bedroom. According to Shiva’s boon, his wings flew away in his sleep. At sunrise, the mother started crying and beating herself (Somavari Vrat Katha-2022) after seeing her dead nephew. People around also gathered and started expressing their grief.

Lord Shiva and Mother Parvati also heard the crying and wailing of the boy’s uncle while passing by.

Mother Parvati said to God: Prananatha, I cannot bear the sound of its cries. You must remove this person’s suffering.

Lord Shiva approached Mother Parvati in an invisible form and then Bholenath said to Mother Parvati: This is the son of that merchant, whom I gave the boon of 16 years of life. It has expired.

Mother Parvati again requested Lord Shiva to give the child’s life. On the request of Mother Parvati, Lord Shiva gave the boy the boon of life and in a few moments he sat up alive.

After finishing his education, the boy went to his hometown with his uncle. Both of them walked and reached the same city, where he was married. Yagya was also organized in that city. The king of the city, passing by, saw the yajna being performed and immediately recognized the boy and his uncle.

After the sacrifice, the king took the mother and the boy to the palace and kept them in the palace for a few days, gave them a lot of money, clothes, etc. and sent them away with the princess.

Here the merchant and his wife were waiting for their son, being hungry and thirsty. He had promised that if he got the news of his son’s death, both of them would give up their lives, but as soon as he heard the news of his son’s return to life, he was very happy. He reached the gate of the city with his wife and friends.

After hearing the news of his son’s marriage, he was overjoyed to see his son-in-law princess. That same night, Lord Shiva appeared in the merchant’s dream and said: O Shresthi, I have granted long life to your son, being pleased with your Monday fasting and listening to fasting stories. The merchant was very happy knowing the long life of his son.

By being a devotee of Shiva and fasting on Monday, all the wishes of the businessman are fulfilled, similarly, all the wishes of the devotees who observe fast on Monday and listen to the fasting story are fulfilled.

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