Smoking and Drugs Addiction

Drugs are those chemicals that are used against certain physical or mental infirmities. The drugs taken on the advice of a doctor or any medical practitioner are called medicines. Taking drugs without the prescription of medical practitioners is called drug addiction.

Initially, people take drug for fun. Later they need and demand more quantity gradually. Such people are called drug addicts. Drugs destroy the mental and physical state of people. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), “the chemical substances that bring about changes in physical and mental activities are called drugs.” Marijuana, brown sugar, cocaine, heroin, opium, hashish, etc. are some examples of drugs. A drug addict needs a lot of money to buy expensive drugs but the addict cannot earn enough to buy drugs. As a result she/he gets involved in looting, robbery, fraud and cheating etc. An addict can get involved even in criminal activities to get money to buy drugs. This kind of activities encourages social crimes. So drug addiction is a big social crime.

The people who use narcotic (drugs) are called drug addicts. The drug addict need frequent does of drug. They (addicts) gradually need higher dose of drugs. Then, the multiple problems arise in them. Such effects can be categorized into:

  1. Immediate effects
  2. Long term effects
  • Immediate effects
  • Increase in blood pressure and heart beat, excitement.
  • Sweating and dizziness.
  • Weakness or loss of memory.
  • Relaxed body and loss of appetite.
  • Bad breathing.
  • Anxiety and induction of sleep.

2. Long term effects

  • Drugs dependency on regular practice.
  • Demands higher of dose.
  • Damage of internal vital organs like heart, lungs, kidneys, liver, brain, etc.
  • High risk of STDs (Sexually Transmitted Diseases), hepatitis and cancer.
  • Poor economical status.

Control measures of Drugs

Say a “Big No to Drugs”.

  • Encouraging children to hate drugs and to believe on oneself.
  • Warm, cordial and lively family environment.
  • Involvement in sports, social work or recreational activities at leisure time rather than staying alone.
  • Drugs trafficking and drugs abuse must be controlled with prompt enforcement of laws, rules and regulation.
  • Proper public awareness of the impact if drugs.


Alcoholic drinks like beer, rum, whisky, brandy, etc. are not good for health. Alcohol deteriorates the health of alcoholic and destroys property. It is as much harmful as other drugs. It is very difficult to give it up once it becomes a habit. Alcohol gradually destroys the vital organs like heart, liver and kidneys. It destroys memory power and physical strength. It gradually weakness the consumer. A drunkard loses health, property, family-relation and social status. It is advisable to raise the public awareness of the effects of alcohol on regular basis in the society. It is more effective to include it in school and college level curriculum to make students aware of such things.

Smoking and chewing tobacco

Smoking is the inhalation of fames out of burning tobacco leaves. Cigarette contains dried tobacco leaves to inhale smoke. The smoke of tobacco contains several chemicals that weaken lungs, heart, muscles, brain, etc. Chemicals present in the smoke of tobacco gradually make individuals forma habit. There are several chemicals in smoke and one of the dangerous chemicals is nicotine.

Nicotine is very dangerous because a drop of nicotine is sufficient to kill an individual. The smoke released out of a burning cigarette equally harms the people nearby. Such people are called passive smokers. Smoking is very dangerous for expected mothers and for children (minors). Different forms of smoke like cigarette, bidi, cigar, kankad, tamakhu, etc. are available in the market.

Chewing tobacco, paan (betal leaf with nuts) and dry paan mixture are also harmful like smoking. Smoking, chewing tobacco and chewing paan cause cancer in mouth, lungs, tongue, etc. Cancer is a killer disease. It has very expensive treatment process and has less chance of survival for the patient.

Control and prevention of alcohol

  • Replacement of tradition of offering alcohol by other drinks like juices, milk, coffee etc.
  • Discouragement to or ban on selling alcohol in the society.
  • Proper public awareness and implementation of rules and regulations.
  • Prohibiting alcoholic and advertisements in public media and public places.
  • Caring the attitude change of children in the family.

Prevention and control of smoking

  • Being away from smoker and saying “No Smoking”.
  • Maintaining “No smoking zones” in public places like vehicles, hospitals, malls, markets, schools, colleges, etc.
  • Discouraging smoking in the family.
  • Discouraging advertisements on smoking in public media and in public places.
  • Necessary proper public awareness.

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