Success Story of Jeff Bezos’s

Jeff Bezos was born on January 13, 1964, in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Her mother, Jacqueline Jogerson, was just 16 at the time and was in junior high school. She was expelled from school for being pregnant and giving birth to a child. The principal said that she could no longer complete her studies in this school. The serious responsibilities and difficulties that came to her head at such a young age also affected the relationship between Jeff’s parents and Jacqueline separated from Jeff’s father Theodore Jogerson just a year after Jeff was born. Theodore was a very strict and irresponsible husband and father. After becoming a father at the age of 19, he began drinking heavily and abusing Jacqueline.

When all this became unbearable, Jacqueline decided to get a divorce. However, even after the divorce, Jacqueline’s life was not easy. At such a young age he had a small child on his lap, no degree nearby and no solid ground for a career. There was no preparation to fulfill the responsibilities that fell on the head. But Jacqueline did not give up. She took a one-year-old child on her lap and went back to college and worked hard to complete her studies. Jacqueline’s professor generously allowed her to bring her child to college. Jacqueline would take the baby with her. Often when she was attending classes, little Jeff would sleep on his mother’s lap. Many times even if her eyes were opened during the class, she would sit quietly on her mother’s lap and listen to the lecture without crying or making noise or would make a croaking noise in between. But never disturbed the class by stopping or making noise.

In the biography of Jeff Bezos, Brad Stone writes that at the age of 3 years, Jeff began to feel so big that he refused to sleep in the cradle with children.

During this time, she also worked part time to run the household. While in college, Jacqueline met Mike Bezos. Jacqueline married Mike when Jeff was four. Mike adopts Jacqueline’s son and gives him his name. Jeff Jogerson is now Jeff Bezos and he has kept this identity with his name for the rest of his life.

Computer Science Degree and Job in Investment Firm

Jeff Bezos graduated from Princeton University in 1986. This degree was in Computer Science and Electrical Engineering. Like everyone else, Jeff started his career with a job. He had a degree in computer science and engineering, of course, but his job was at an investment firm on Wall Street. Jeff had a business mind. He knew how to sell and make a profit.

When he was in high school, he started his first business in the empty old garage of his parents’ house. Named ‘The Dream Institute’. Jeff ran a summer camp for students like himself over the summer holidays and earned $ 600. It was amazing. Apparently, Jeff had so much talent that he could run summer campuses and earn money by taking fees from his own school and classmates under the pretext of teaching them something new. Jeff’s parents were also amazed to see where the high school kid came from. Jeff was beginning to see his future. He knew that starting from anywhere, doing business was his business.

The year 1993 and his big decision

After graduating, Jeff took a job at Wall Street’s investment firm DE Shaw & Company, climbing the ladder of success and becoming vice president within 7 years. Jeff’s future in that company was bright, but Jeff didn’t have to. He was not made to do someone else’s job for the rest of his life. In 1993, he quit his job and decided to start his own business.

The beginnings of Amazon

Amazon started with the same small garage in the house where Jeff held his first summer camp in high school. The parents no longer had any doubts about the son’s talent. Father agreed to lend 3 3 million to Mike Jeff. Jeff plans to open an online bookstore. Named Amazon. The Amazon is the name of a river in sub-Saharan Africa. The idea was that this river is flowing to all countries. This river extends from America to Europe and Asia. With the help of many friends, acquaintances, well-wishers, the testing of Amazon continued and finally that day came.

An impossible dream come true

July 5, 1994. This is the day Amazon launched. With the launch of the website, there was an influx of people buying books online. Within a month, Amazon’s business had spread to 40 countries. Within three months, $25,000 worth of books began to be sold every week. It was a huge success that Jeff Bezos himself never imagined. Never before in the history of the world has a start-up achieved such great success in such a short period of time. Within three years, the startup had transformed into a public company and was just a few steps away from becoming the undisputed king of the e-commerce world.

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