Interrelationship of Health, Population and Environment

Since Health, Population and Environment Education are interrelated, they are integrated and introduced as a single subject. Due to its interdisciplinary nature, change in contents of one subject affects the other subjects. For example: rapid population growth adversely affects the various aspects of Health and Environment education. At the same time, degraded environment causes healthy living and quality of life almost impossible.

Proper management of population leads to healthy and prosperous life. Health, Population and Environment Educations are supplementary to each other in terms of various aspects such as physical, biological, socio-cultural, science and technological aspects as so on. Due to the inter-relationship among health, population and environmental education, they are introduced as an integrated subject. If there is any chance in one of the associated subjects, the remaining two subjects are also get affected. As for example, rapid population growth and unmanaged population affect the health and environmental aspect.

Moreover, the decline in environmental aspect makes it difficult to live healthy life. On the other hand, if healthy environment can be preserved, then there will be positive effect on population and health. In the same way, if the population can be properly managed there will be positive effect on the health and environment. In this way these subjects have become complementary to one another. Health, population, environment educations are interrelated with one another and the study of this subject helps to create a healthy, active, and safe society. Health, Population and Environmental Education are related with the following aspects of human life:

Physical aspects include natural and man-made things. Natural aspects like air, water, temperature, soil, rocks, climate, etc. are created by the nature. On the other hand, canal, water taps, buildings, bridges, roads, hospitals, industries, schools, etc. are man-made physical aspects make a great difference in the survival of living beings. For example; people prefer to live in those places where more physical facilities are available. Investment in the physical aspects like hospitals, power plant, canal, roads, transport system, etc. increases population density of that place. At the same time, the sound condition of physical aspect helps to ensure quality of life. Proper utilization of physical aspects plays an important role in the conservation of environment and regulation of ecological processes. In fact, physical aspect is related with environment, health and population.

  • Relation of Biological Aspect with other Aspects:

The availability of biological resources of a place determines the environment and health of the people. For instance, people get their foodstuffs and other various kinds of life supporting materials form the biological resources. The status of the biological resources is also determined by the physical, socio-cultural, and other various aspects. The biological aspect supplies food, oxygen and many things to the people and helps to promote their health condition. At the same time, presence of abundant vegetation makes positive contribution in the balance of ecosystem. The living standard of the people can be raised through proper utilization of the biological resources in various sectors like agriculture, industries, trade and other socio-economic sectors. So, we can say that biological aspect is directly or indirectly related with other various aspects of health, population and environment.

  • Relation of Socio-Cultural Aspect with other Aspects:

People have created social and cultural norms, values, as well as rules and regulation. Social customs, traditions, rituals, and religious practices are some example of socio-cultural aspects. The socio-cultural aspects are interrelated with biological, political, physical and other various aspects of health, population and environment education. The customs, festivals, religious beliefs, tradition, culture, etc. determine the health and environmental status of a place. For instance, our way of living, food habits and other social behaviors are more or le influenced by the climate, vegetation, economic status, etc. It is our need to build up such a social system so that we can protect our environment, improve our health and manage the population. People should celebrate their socio-cultural practices without affecting the environment. This kind of social behavior definitely help to establish cordial relationship with other aspects of health, population and environment.

  • Relation of Economic Aspect with other Aspects:

The economic aspect is directly related with various aspects of health, population and environment. The rapid population growth creates unemployment problem. Unemployment may invite the consequences like poverty, malnutrition, ill health and low productivity. In this situation, people are compel to over exploit the forest resources, marginal land, including other resources of the environment. These activities definitely cause degradation in the environment. The degraded environment eventually affects human health adversely. So, it is our responsibility to establish proper coordination between economic and other various aspects of environment, health and population.

  • Relation of Science and Technical Aspect with other Aspect:

Science and technology are human innovations. They are the significant means of development process. It has made the world a small place and technology it brings positive impact on health, population and environment. It is possible to make an unprecedented progress in the field of social, economic, political and biological aspects. It makes human life easy and productive. For instance, there is remarkable development in the field of medicine, communication, transportation, education, agriculture, industrialization and conservation sectors with the contribution of science and technology. However, misuse of science and technology ruins the civilization and development process. It damages the ecological balance, degrades human health and civilization. You can imagine the consequences of atomic and biological weapons in the war. The aforementioned point maintains that Health, Population and Environment Education are interrelated to one another on the ground of science and technology.

  • Relation of Political Aspects with other Aspects:

The political parties form the government. They formulate national plans and policies in the area of health, population, environment and other various sectors. If those plans and policies are good then it will contribute in the conservation of environment, population management and upliftment of the human health. The policy and program of the government to provide basic health services to the citizen free of cost definitely help to improve the health condition of the people. Similarly, the appropriate environmental policy helps to protect the forest resources and other environmental resources. Political commitment is crucial to execute the health, population and environment related programs in effective way. If there is high level of political will, it is possible to manage population, conserve the environment and improve the health status of people in the nation. In fact, political aspect is also related with other various aspects of health, population and environment.

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  • Relation of Psychological Aspect with other Aspects:

The perception, attitude and behaviour are associated with psychology of an individual. Human psychology plays an important role in the learning process of health, population and environment education. The positive psychology will provide motivation to the individuals for the conservation of environment and to promote the overall health condition of the population. Similarly, people with positive perception are always motivated for the management of population in a family, community and the national level. Programs and policies cannot be effective until and unless people are willing to participate in the environment conservation as well appellation management programs. Hence, we can say that Health, Population and Environment Education are interrelated to one another through psychological aspects too.

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