Inspiring story that touches the heart and leads to success

There is a story of old times. There used to be a small kingdom called Mahosar. One day the spies informed the king that the neighboring state was about to attack us.

The spies said that the news is very strong, within just three days the neighboring (Motivation Story) state will attack us with its huge army and it is extremely difficult to get our tick in front of their large army.

The king became very worried, he immediately called a meeting and asked for advice from all the people that now we are going to die, if any person has any suggestion then he can share his suggestion with us.

The clever minister of the king said – Rajan, now that life has come to an end, the only solution is that we should attack the neighboring state today.

Raja said – Minister, our army is very small, how will we be able to fight them?

The Minister said – Rajan, the neighboring state is not ready for war yet, if they are attacked now, they will not be able to recover and some hopes of our victory will be created. Even so, if we do not attack then (Motivation Story) our destruction is certain, because in a few days the neighboring state is about to march on us.

The king was informed, he immediately ordered his army to be ready and the citizens of the state also joined the army and went to war.

Before leaving for the neighboring state, an army had to cross a bridge over a huge river. As soon as the army crossed the bridge and entered the neighboring state, the king set the bridge on fire, and told the army (Motivation Story) that now we have no way back. Either we have to achieve victory or we have to die here and give up our lives.

All the soldiers fought to the best of their ability and even defeated the large army of the neighboring state.

Just as the king closed all the avenues of failure of his army, so too you have to close all the avenues of your failure. You yourself must have realized that when all the paths of man are closed then he works hardest and achieves success.

Throw yourself for your success, stop thinking about your failure because you have no option to fail. Don’t give yourself any option to fail, don’t be afraid no problem is bigger than your ability. Get together, success is waiting for you.

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