Importance of Sustainable Development

Importance of Sustainable Development

Development process that aims to meet the needs of the present generation without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs is called sustainable development.

Sustainable development provides foundation for environmental conservation, it is also a means to achieve development goal of the nation. In this regard, sustainable development has a great importance to keep balance between development works and ecosystem. Some of the importance of sustainable development are explained below:

  • Proper Utilization of Resources

Sustainable development give emphasis for the proper use of resources. For this, people should develop positive attitude and behaviour for the rational utilization of natural resources. In this situation, we should get help from eco-friendly technology to run development works. It helps in the protection of environment and controls the over exploitation of the resources.

  • Realization of Responsibility

Sustainable development changes people’s knowledge, skill and thinking. People realize the importance of forest, wildlife, watersheds, land and other resources as well. They have realized that the resources are their common properties in which individuals cannot use according to their personal vested interest. So, this kind of feeling is really helpful for the conservation of natural resources.

  • Development of Basic Area

Sustainable development emphasizes on the development of basic areas. Health, education, agriculture, tourism, water supply, housing, transportations are to be taken in basic area. But while doing work in basic areas, conservation measures need to be integrated.

  • Focus on Public Participation

To achieve the goal of development, focus should be made on public participation. It encourages people for development and conservation of resources. Therefore, sustainable development provides ample opportunities for the integration of environment conservation and development programs.

  • Determination of the Limit of Development

Though the limited resources are enough to meet the human needs, people desire to conduct development works beyond the limits. Development works limit of carrying capacity cause adverse effects on environment, resulting into the degradation of the resources. In this regard, sustainable helps people to develop a feeling of proper development considering the carrying capacity of the Earth.

  • Long-term Vision

Sustainable development aims to gear up economic and social development without any damage on the environment. It tries to alter the attitude of people so that the resources can be preserved having long-term vision.

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