Impacts of Population growth rate on drinking water

Drinking Water

Safe drinking water is one of the basic needs of human being. Water is necessary to the people form birth till death. We get water from various sources like tap, tube-well, tone spout, river, pond, well, etc. It is essential to purify water for good health. The sources of water cannot be increased as per the growth rate of population size. The human activities like random disposal of solid wastes, improper use of chemical fertilizers, improper management of sewage, unmanaged urbanization, deforestation, unmanaged industrialization, etc. pollute the water sources. Because of this, a large population are suffering from the scarcity of safe drinking water.

In Nepal, only about 80 percent people have got the facility of drinking water. Urban people are facing water supply problem. The water supplied to the public is also not safe for drinking. At the same time, more than 20% rural population do not have access to improved water supply. Because of deforestation, unmanaged urbanization and random industrialization the water sources are dying out and people are suffering hours to fetch drinking water. Eventually, there will be great loss of time and labor of the people in the management of drinking water service according to the demand of the people are the main problems of this sector.

Impacts of Population growth rate on drinking water

  • Difficulty to supply drinking water to each and every house.
  • The water supplied to the public through improved sources also may not be safe for drinking.
  • The sources of water are dying out due to deforestation in the rural areas.
  • The ground water in the cities cannot get recharged due to the concrete jungle like unmanaged buildings and physical construction.
  • Water from the stone spouts, wells, tube-wells, etc. are decreasing due to human encroachment.

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