Human Eye Anatomy

The eyes are the organs of sense of sight situated in the orbital cavities and are supplied with optic nerves. Human eye is almost spherical in shape and is about 2.5 cm. in diameter. There are three layers of tissue in the walls of eye. They are:

  • The outer fibrous layer: sclera and cornea.
  • The middle vascular layer: choroids, ciliary muscle and iris.
  • The inner nervous tissue layer: retina.

Cares of eyes

The eyes is a delicate light sensitive sense organ. It helps us to see the things around in the presence of light. A normal eyes can see from 25 cm (Near point) to up to infinity (far point). In the following ways we should keep our eyes healthy.

  • We should always keep our eyes clean and healthy.
  • We should not rub our eyes long.
  • We should not read in dim light.
  • We should not watch T.V for long time.
  • We must rinse our eyes with cool water if anything enters our eyes.

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