Effect of population Growth on Food and Residence

Effect of population Growth on Food

Food is one of the very important needs of human beings. At present, there is rapid population growth in the developing countries but is not possible to increase the production and supply food in the same ratio of the population growth rate creates the problem of food scarcity. As a result, people suffer from malnutrition and become vulnerable to nutrient deficiency diseases like Kwashiorkor, Marasmus, Night Blindness, Scurvy, Rickets, Beriberi, etc. Then eventually, people suffer from unhealthy and unproductive life.

Effects of Population Growth on Food

  • Decrease in per capital food supply.
  • Sky rocketing in food due to increase in demand.
  • Low consumption of quality food for the poor and marginalized people.
  • Increase in the natural calamities like soil erosion, landslide and flood due to cultivation in the marginal land.
  • Emergence of condition to import food from outside the countries.
  • Devastating deforestation in the name of land used for cultivation.

Effect of Population Growth on Residence

Residence is also concerned as one of the basic human needs. According to Maslow’s classification of human needs, housing comes under the security related need. People need good housing facility for their healthy and productive life. Housing is necessary because it protects us from various unfavorable external environment. We know that rapid population growth creates adverse impact on housing facility of the people. For instance, rapid population increase the cost of house rent. Consequently, population density per room also increases. Moreover, there will be increase in slum areas in the marginal land especially at the bank of the river in the urban areas and nearby the jungle in the rural area. After all, there, will be deterioration of health condition of the people.

Effect of Population Growth on Residence

  • Living space becomes limited and congested.
  • Different kinds health problems will be seen to the individuals.
  • Environmental pollution increases due to more crowded people and generation of more solid wastes.
  • Increase in the community health problem, social problems.
  • Agricultural land being converted in to the residential areas.
  • Increase in the deforestation tendency in the name of land occupation for residence.

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