Concept of family and need of family

Child is born freely and mostly alone but the relation starts after the birth as son, daughter, grandson, cousin, etc. The group of people living together under the common roof is taken as family. A family has common interests and objectives. A family consists of the members of different ages and professions. Family can be joint or nuclear based on the members living together. A family with grandparents, parents, uncles, aunts, cousin etc living together is called a joint family. But a family with parents and children is called a nuclear family. A joint family is taken as a big family. The no. of members in a joint family may be smaller than that of a nuclear family with large number of sons and daughters.

But there are some families which are the members extended beyond a nuclear family which are called extended family. It consists of uncles, aunts, cousins, nephew, niece etc. It includes with the accommodation of near relatives along with the members of immediate family members. This type of family also refers the family with numbers of generation livings together with in a single household.

Family is the first school of every growing child. A child learns and practices many habits from the family. A good environment in a family may be a platform for the better physical, mental, social, spiritual growth of a growing child. The elder parents in a family give from their experience proper guidance and knowledge to their children past experiences.

Need of family health

The common need to fulfill the objectives of every member in a family are:-

  • To provide a balanced diet.
  • To provide adequate family health services.
  • To protect from drugs addiction.
  • To provide adequate care to children, pregnant mother, and mother, after delivery.
  • To maintain a good health in the family and social sanitation.
  • To maintain cordial relationship among the members of a family.
  • To eliminate superstitions.
  • Immunization and inoculation against diseases.
  • To provide better health and education facilities.

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