Bhagwat Geeta 1st Chapter of Lord Krishna

The Kaurav and the Pandav Armies have gathered on the holy field of Kurukshetra to do battle with Rashtra the blind king is sitting far away in his Palace at Hastinapur along with his trusted companion Sanjay the previous night the sage Vaidya said come and given the gift of divine side to Sanjay so that sitting at Hastinapur far away from the scene of Battle he could still see the events as it took place on the battlefield of Kurukshetra and narrate them to hit Rashtra it is Sanjay who actually narrates the guitar the dialogue that takes place between Krishna and Arjun to hit rashtra in the guitar that follows Lord Krishna is also referred to as Keshav as Vasudev and as Harry and Arjun is also called path the first chapter describes the field of Battle and surgeons mental condition Duryodhan name is the principal Warriors in both the opposing army is both sides blow their conscious there what bugles just before the what is about to begin Arjun as Lord Krishna to take his Chariot and place it between the two Armies so that he could see the people he has to fight their say his grandchild is teaches his kinsman and his friends in the opposing army at the thought of having to fight and kill them in battle Arjun suffers a crisis of conscience and losers his nerve he is ok with doubt misgivings pity and remotes and refuses to fight it puts down his bow and arrows and respondent sit down in his Chariot chapter that Rashtra Sanjay Dr Sanjay when my sons and the sons of Pandu gathered for battle on the holy field of Kurukshetra what did they do they replied sire when Duryodhan so the Pandav Army drawn up in battle formation he went to his Guru his teacher Drone and set teacher look at this vast Army of the sons of Pandu position for battle by your very own and intelligent people just dume in this Army there are many Warriors were equal in battle to Bheem and Arjun Satya Satya ki Virat dhrupad brisht ke to check it and the king of Kashi purv Jeet Kunti Bhoj Savere Yuddham new Uttam major Abhimanyu and the five sons of Draupadi all great warriors now let me tell you about the main Warriors of Harami its leaders you yourself teacher Granth Sahib Bhishma kripacharya Karan vikarn ashwathama and wherever all of whom are capable of taking us to victory in addition to these there are many other great warriors who has take their wealth and their very lines for my sick they are all well armed and killed in battle Granth Sahib protects Army while the Pandav army is protected by Bheem Duaa army is larger than the Pandav Army yet it appears to be weaker than there is therefore all of you station Duniya various columns hold your position is firmly and protect grandsire strongly from all sides then to cheer up Duryodhan Grand Sahib road like a lion and blew his conscience very loudly after which from all sides of the battlefield conches symbols kettledrums and horns was sounded all of which created a very loud and Tamil towards noise than in reply Lord Krishna Arjun and all the Pandas through their respective celestial conscious they are the great warriors in the Pandav Army blue their consciousness as well the terrible noise and Player of all these countries according to the Earth and the sky and rent the hearts of the crew host creating their own them Arjun Road special Chariot it was ok with white horses The God Hanuman was on the flag of his Chariot and Lord Krishna God incarnate himself was Arjun Sarathi his Chariot driver was about to begin Arjun looking at the army said to Krishna o keshav drive my Chariot and place it in the middle of both the armies in front of the Karva me so that I may see the people I have to fight I would like to see all the people who have come at the cost of allies and would be siding with the evil Duryodhan in this war to do him good at Arjun so asking Lord Krishna draw that special Chariot between the two Armies and placed in front of Bhishma Drone and the other kings and said path look carefully at all this Court has gathered here these are the people have to fight in this war and what did urgency in both the Army’s Arjun so grandsire as he saw teachers he saw maternal uncle’s he saw cousins he saw son Hisar grandsons his father-in-law and its of friends and well-wishers when Arjun so all this kinsman friends and well-wishers standing ready for battle against him he suffers the crisis of conscience he is overcome by pretty remorse and doubt and with sadness in his heart says o keshav seeing this relatives and friends friends of mine eager to do battle my Limbs filmi my mouth dries up my hair stand on end my bow The Mighty gaan dove slips from my hands my whole skin burns my mind reels I feel dizzy and I cannot even stand IC address womens to IC no good in killing Arun kith and kin in killing our friends and well-wishers I do not want victory of kingdom I do not want pleasure enjoying b i do not even want happiness what would we do with such Kingdom what would we do with such pleasures and with such enjoyments or even with life itself when those for whom shake with Desire all these those very teachers those very grandson as those very maternal uncle’s son grandsons and other kinsman are all standing here having given up the attachment to the wealth and their life and here ready to die in this war with all of them dead victory would have no meaning for us it would be hollow and meaningless I would not want to kill them even if I were to get lost ship for all the three worlds much less for the measly kingdom of this world even though they kill me instead what good would be gained by killing the sons Of The tractor these people would only coverage with sin therefore it is not proper for us to kill the sons Of The Tourist are very own kinsman how could we ever be happy by killing our own people are owned kith and kin it is true that there are blinded by greed because of which they are unable to see the Sin of ruining family and of turning against friends but we are not blinded by greed and we can clearly see the Sin of ruining the family and the race therefore we at least should have the good sense and the understanding to stay away from committing such a certain it is said that on the destruction of a race the prevailing ancient customs and traditions get destroyed and when these get destroyed evil and sin overtakes the family and when events Central then the women of the family get corrupted when do women get corrupted intermingling and mixing of the cast takes place and this intermingling and mixing of the cast takes the whole family along with the destroyer of the family to hell because the ancestors of those families deprive the customary rights of Pind deprived of the offering of rice balls of the offering of food and water fall from their high place in heaven and because of these evils and since the ancient laws governing race and family are both destroyed and we have heard as passed on by tradition that those people whose family and raised floors have been destroyed their forced to live in hell we are so ready and skin to commit disturbance in this kind of killing Arun kinsman just for the greed of enjoying the pleasures of a Kingdom how can we even think of doing such a terrible thing it would be far better for me if the sons of that Rashtra weapons in hand what to kill me I remaining and armed and unresisting having said this Arjun lay down his bow and arrows and the sad and dejected mind that down in his Chariot. 

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