Advantage and Disadvantage of Mobile

In the present generation mobile phone has become an important part of our lives. Today everyone has a mobile phone, whether rich or poor. Smart phones are their world for today’s generation. every youth is increasingly interested in this side. Mobile has been used the most in the last few days. Let us know about the advantages and disadvantages of smart mobile phones


  • Everyone has a mobile phone. There are many apps in mobile with which it is a great way to stay connected and share your things today.
  • You don’t need to spend extra money for chatting and sharing. Just need to have internet packed
  • You can share photos, videos, music, contact numbers and even your location with your friends.
  • You can send free messages to anyone in any corner of the world. You just have to have the app in your phone without any extra charge and the person you want to send the message should also have that facility and then you can also send international messages.
  • You can also share your status with your friends.
  • You can also create a group of many people to exchange information with all the people together and deliver the necessary information together.
  • If an unknown person is bothering you, you can also block him from your mobile.


  • Mobile phones should not be kept close to your body.
  • Radiation emitted from mobile phones can harm the human body.
  • In this age of smart mobile phones, having internet can also give wrong information to children
  • Students’ education has become very weak due to mobile phones
  • Using mobile overnight weakens people’s minds
  • In this age of inflation, lavish spending has increased due to mobile phones
  • Limited use of mobiles can reduce the side effects of electromagnetic radiation.
  • Nowadays most people save their confidential information in mobile phones, which is wrong. It can be misused by mobile hackers by stealing your secrets and information.

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