About of Life Skill Education

What is life skills education?

Life skills education is one such skill. Under which the child is able to lead a proper life and develop the ability to perform life related activities in an orderly manner.

Life skills education is one such type of education. In which to make the child proficient in such a way that he can make adjustments in difficult situations by his ability and intellect. At the same time, such skills have to be developed in human life. So that he could become a skilled citizen

Characteristics of life skills:

Inclusion of practical knowledge in children:

Under this child are provided special knowledge about such skills. Which children normally need in the time to come. Such as quick decision making skills and confidence related skills.

Inclusion of life skills:

Through life skills, the characteristic of being successful in life and adjusting with success in every field is also developed in children.

Development of positive and ideal behavior in children:

There are many occasions in life in which children lose their morale by forming negative perceptions about different types of action systems. As a result, this situation makes it difficult for children to adjust themselves. In order to deal with this obstacle, children are imparted skills of positive thinking and behavior.

Establishing a relationship with self-confidence:

The self-element of life skills is self-confidence, in the absence of which a child, despite having the ability to work, is not able to complete the work properly. Therefore, by teaching life skills, self-confidence is developed in the students.

The incorporation of the characteristic of modernity:

By modernity we mean the conditions that are to come before us in the present time. The teacher should always include modernity in his thoughts.

The need for adjustment in awkward situations:

The ability to adapt to difficult situations is also related to life skills. Through life skills, students have to develop such ability so that children can adapt themselves to the circumstances. Or change the circumstances.

The process of all-round development:

The process of all-round development is also considered to be a part of his life. Life paves the way for all-round development for students through affection, as it provides them with relevant skills in every field.

Types of life skills:

There are two types of life skills:

Under which general life skills and high level skills come. And under these skills come many types of skills. Which are the following.

General skills:

  • Confidence skills.
  • Decision making skills.
  • Stress relief skills.
  • Adjustment skills in adverse circumstances.
  • Self-awareness skills.
  • Skills of negative tendency towards wrong action.
  • Positive behavior.
  • Critical thinking.
  • Society’s skills towards each other.

High level skills:

High level skills include the following skills.

  • Excellent warmth and high mental level.
  • Ways of thinking.
  • Mental and physical relaxation.
  • Goal setting problem solution.
  • Communication.
  • Social support.
  • Living standard from healthy.

Purpose of life skills development:

The objectives of life skills development are as follows.

  • Purpose of social development.
  • Development of experimental knowledge.
  • The purpose of developing adjustment power.
  • Purpose of development of life values.
  • Purpose of mental development.
  • Purpose of all-round development.
  • The purpose of developing confidence.

The need and importance of life skills:

The requirements and importance of life skills are as follows

  • For the all-round development of a child, it becomes necessary to impart knowledge of life skills. Because all-round development takes place through life skills. Therefore, in the absence of life skills, he cannot lead to full development.
  • For the development of social qualities, it becomes necessary to impart knowledge to life skills. Because life skills prove to be useful in dignified ideals and social behavior.
  • It is necessary to develop life skills to solve educational problems and non-educational problems
  • It is necessary to experience the need for life skills to perform emotional stability and mental process in a simple and natural way.
  • Life skills are required for the development of a sense of confidence in children.

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