2nd biggest movies of Indian Industries: PS-1

India’s second biggest film PS-1 will be released in theaters this year, this film is being talked about because it is the second (2nd biggest movies of Indian Industries: PS-1) most expensive film in India, before that was Rajinikanth and Akshay Kumar’s film Robot 2.0 with a budget of 570 crores. and the budget of PS-1 is Rs.500 crores.

PS-1 is based on the Tamil classic novel ‘Poniyin Selvan’. This novel was written by Kalki Krishnamurthy. In 1950, ‘Poniyin Selvan’ was published in Kalki’s weekly magazine ‘Kalki’. Every week a part of the story is published in the magazine. In May 1954, its story ended in the magazine.

After the story was completed in the magazine, this story of 2210 pages was released as a book. In five volumes. It is considered one of the most classic novels of Tamil literature. Many people started buying ‘Kalki’ to read the story of ‘Ponyin Selvan’. In that period, the sales count of this magazine had reached over 70 thousand. Which was a big deal for a magazine published in Tamil language.

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What is the story of ‘Poniyin Selvan’ ?

It is not possible to tell the story of a two thousand page novel in two lines. So we take a little space and tell you the gist of this story.

This is a fictional novel based on historical events. The name of this novel is ‘Poniyin Selvan’. It means ‘son of pony’. Kaveri river is known as Poni in some parts of the country.

This story is about the royal family of the Chola dynasty that ruled in the 10th century. The age of Emperor Sundar Chola is ho chali hai. Due to bad health, he is removed from the throne. After this, the discussion starts as to who will be the next emperor of the Chola dynasty.

Sundar Chola had two sons and one daughter. The elder son Aditya, who fought (2nd biggest movies of Indian Industries: PS-1) his first war at the age of 12. The second son Arulamoli Varman went to Sri Lanka to fight the war. Arulmoli was known as ‘Poniyin Selvan’.

Because when he was 5 years old, then mother Kaveri saved him from drowning. Later he was known as Rajaraja I, the great emperor of the Chola dynasty. Anyway, we come back to the story. Samrat Sundar’s third child was daughter Kundwai. Kundwai did not believe in getting married and settling down like other princesses of her time. She used to watch the expansion program of the Chola Dynasty.

When Kundavai saw that many people were eyeing his throne in his father’s absence, he sent Vandiadevan to Sri Lanka. So that Arulmoli can be called back. This was Vandiadevan, who went on to become the commander of the Chola army. Vandiadevan is the character who introduces the readers to the other characters of the novel. He is the parallel lead hero of this story with Arul Moli.

The Chola dynasty had an old enmity with many people including the Pandya dynasty. Everyone was waiting to see when the Chola family would be weak and they would attack. In this way, the people of the Pandya dynasty made a plan to kill Emperor Sundar and his two sons on the same day.

Nandini, who was part of the Chola royal family, helped him in this. Actually Nandini is the main villain of this entire story. She has a tragic backstory, because of which she wants to destroy the Chola dynasty. If told in short, then ‘Poniyin Selvan’ tells Arulmooli’s journey to become Emperor Rajaraj.

Star Cast of Ponniyin Selvan Part 1:

  • Aditya Karikalan plays the elder brother of Kollywood star Chian Vikram Arulmojivaraman.
  • Aishwarya Lakshmi (Pugujali), Vikram Prabhu (Parthibendra Pallavan), Ashwin Kakumanu (Senthan Amudhan),
  • R. Sarathkumar (Periya Pazhuvettaraiyar), R. Pratihan (Chinna Pazhuvettarair),
  • Prabhu Ganesan (Perya Vellar Boothi ​​Vikramkesari),
  • Prakash Raj will be seen in the role of Sundara Chola (Parantaka Chola the second).
  • Other actors Rahman, Ashwin Rao, Nijalgal Ravi, Lal, Vidya Subramanian, Jayachitra, Nassar,
  • Kishore Ponniyin Selvan plays the antagonist.
  • Riaz Khan, Vinay Kumar, Mohan Raman, Vinodini Vaidyanathan,
  • Master Raghavan (Pandya Prince),
  • Makarand Deshpande, Balaji Shaktivel, Vijay Yesudas, Arjun Chidambaram, Babu Antony and Amjath Khan will be seen in lead roles.

Ponniyin Selvan translates as Ponni’s son in Tamil, the ancient name of the Kaveri River. Rajaraja was 5 years old when his mother Kaveri saved him from drowning in the river. This is when he got the title of Son of Kaveri or Ponniyin Selvan.

PS-1 Release Date:

The first part of this film will be released on 30 September 2022 in Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada and Hindi languages.

Ponniyin Selvan Trailer:

A big trailer launch event in Chennai attended by Cine’s giants Rajinikanth, Kamal Haasan, team of PS1, all languages trailers are available on Youtube now:

Ponniyin Selvan Part 1, Trailer

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