Benefits Of Chana Dal For Health

Benefits Of Chana Dal For Health

Usually all types of pulses are rich in protein. Therefore, pulses are considered to be beneficial for health. Chana dal not only (Benefits Of Chana Dal For Health) provides adequate nutrition to the body but can also be used to prepare many recipes.

Chana dal has many benefits. It is a better source of protein for vegetarians. It contains B-complex vitamins (Benefits Of Chana Dal For Health) which play an important role in glucose metabolism. At the same time, it also has antioxidant properties which protect the body parts from inflammation.

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Benefits of Chana dal for health:

Lose weight:

Lentils are low in protein and calories. Eating it regularly keeps the weight under control.

Increase immunity:

Increasing immunity Daily intake of 30 grams of chana dal gives 6 to 7 grams of protein. Hence it is considered a healthy superfood. Incorporating this dal in your diet increases immunity and keeps diseases away.

Prevents hair loss:

If you are bothered by broken hair or hair damage, then you should consume gram dal regularly. It is rich in folic acid, which nourishes the scalp and strengthens the hair from the root. This controls the problem of hair breakage.

Control diabetes:

It is rich in nutrients, which are beneficial for diabetics. It contains fiber which helps in releasing glucose in the blood stream and also controls blood sugar.


Chana dal bhurji made from soy granules and capsicum has the same amount of protein as egg or cheese. It has less fat and (Benefits Of Chana Dal For Health) calories than eggs and cheese. This bhurji can be eaten as roti or paratha roll or sandwich. Being rich in protein, gram dal is beneficial for health. For a healthy body, it should be included in your diet regularly.


If you want to eat something light in the evening, gram dal soup is a better option. It is light but eating it fills the stomach. It also gives the body enough protein.


This snack becomes instant and can be eaten with anything. Hummus made from gram dal also gives you protein along with fiber. This is a low calorie snack that helps in weight loss.

Ways to include gram dal in the diet Pancakes:

Made from gram dal, it is a healthy and nutritious snack option. Soak the dal in water (Benefits Of Chana Dal For Health) overnight and make pancakes by blending it and adding ingredients of your choice.

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