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Anant Chaturdashi Vrat Katha (अनंत चतुर्दशी व्रत कथा)

Anant Chaturdashi Vrat Katha (अनंत चतुर्दशी व्रत कथा)

Once Maharaj Yudhisthira performed Rajsui Ygya. At that time, the construction of the Ygya Mandap was beautiful, it was also wonderful. The Ygya Mandap was so beautiful that there was no difference between water and land. The ground in the water and the ground seemed like water. Even after (Anant Chaturdashi Vrat Katha (अनंत चतुर्दशी व्रत कथा) being very careful, many people were deceived in that wonderful pavilion.

Once, while walking from somewhere, Duryodhana also came to that Ygya-mandapa (Anant Chaturdashi Vrat Katha (अनंत चतुर्दशी व्रत कथा) and fell into a pond as a place. Seeing this, Draupadi ridiculed him by saying ‘the child of the blind is blind’. This irritated Duryodhana.

This thing seemed like an arrow in his heart. Hatred arose in his mind and he decided to take revenge on the Pandavas. Thoughts began to arise in his mind to avenge that insult. He thought of taking revenge for that insult by defeating the Pandavas in gambling. He defeated the Pandavas in gambling.

When defeated, the Pandavas had to go into exile for twelve years as promised. While living in the forest, the Pandavas endured many hardships. One day when Lord Krishna came to visit, Yudhisthira told him his sorrow and asked for a way to remove the sorrow.

Then Lord Krishna said- ‘O Yudhisthira! You methodically fast to the Infinite God, this will take away all your troubles and regain your lost kingdom.’

Why celebrate Anant Chaturdashi festival:

There are many beliefs about fasting of Anant Chaturdashi. Its origins are mentioned in the Puranas. In the Mahabharata, when the Pandavas (pandav in mahabharat) lost all their kingdoms in Juan, they got 12 years of exile and one year of unknown residence. Fulfilling his vow, the Pandavas were living in the forest. At that time Yudhisthira asked Sri Krishna for a way to regain his throne and alleviate his suffering. So Sri Krishna told him that Lakshmi ji is angry with you for gambling. If you fast Anant Chaturdashi to get your Rajpath back, then you will get everything back.

In this context, Lord Krishna narrated a story to him

In ancient times, there was a virtuous ascetic named Sumant. His wife’s name was Diksha. He had a very beautiful, pious and enlightened daughter. Whose name was Sushila. When Sushila grew up, her mother Diksha died.

After the death of his wife, Sumant got remarried to a woman named Karkasha. Sushila was married by Brahmin Sumant to Kaundinya Rishi. Talking about giving something in farewell, Karkasha tied some bricks and pieces of stones to the son-in-law.

The Kaundinya sage, saddened, took his wife and walked towards his ashram. But it was night on the way. They began to spend the evening on the river bank.

Sushila saw- there were many women there wearing beautiful clothes and worshiping a deity. When asked by Sushila, he methodically explained the importance of endless fasting. Sushila performed the ritual of that fast there and tied Dora with fourteen knots in her hand and came to sage Kaundinya.

Kaundinya asked Sushila about Dore and she told the whole thing. He broke the rope and put it in the fire, which insulted Lord Anant ji. As a result, sage Kaundinya became unhappy. All their property was destroyed. When he asked his wife the reason for this poverty, Sushila said to burn Dora of Infinite God.

Repenting, sage Kaundinya went to the forest to get the Infinite Dora. After wandering in the forest for many days, one day he fell to the ground in despair.

Then the Infinite Lord appeared and said- ‘O Kaundinya! You hated me, that’s why you had to suffer so much. You are sad Now you have repented. I am pleased with you. Now you go home and methodically fast forever. Fasting for fourteen years will take away your sorrow. You will be rich. Kaundinya did the same and got rid of all the troubles.’

By the order of Lord Krishna, Yudhisthira also fasted to the Infinite Lord, under the influence of which the Pandavas won the battle of Mahabharata and ruled forever.

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