Significance & Importance of Health

Significance & Importance of Health

You need to be healthy to live a happy life. When we are healthy, we can make the (Significance & Importance of Health) most of our abilities physically, mentally and socially. By staying healthy we can live a happy life. Being healthy is a major symptom of our health. Only a healthy person can build a healthy (Benefit of Pathharchatta) and strong nation. More emphasis is being laid on health improvement in our country.

Generally healthy person means a person whose body is healthy, mind and brain is healthy, family is healthy and lives in a healthy environment. To be able to do any task smoothly and efficiently, it is very important for a person to be healthy. Only a happy, healthy and fit person has the ability to perform any task efficiently. Therefore, in order to improve the quality of life, the whole state in which special emphasis is required on efficiency, physical vitality, mental satisfaction and happiness.

Definition of Health:-

According to the WHO, overall health does not just mean illness and weakness. But overall health is the condition of a person when he is in a better condition physically, mentally, intellectually, spiritually and socially. And he could easily adjust to society and the community. Yes, it is important that a sick person cannot go to a healthy person, but illness cannot be the only measure of health.

From this point of view, health means adopting good living habits while focusing on oneself. Their first condition (Significance & Importance of Health) is for a person to succeed in any field. That he is completely healthy, because health cannot be seen in isolation from our personality. Overall health is an imaginary level, where one feels perfectly fit.

Types of Health:-

Physical health:- It refers to the external condition of our body, in which our body shape, care, way of working, etc. are taken under physical health. One can improve one’s physical health by adopting timely food and good sleep and good health habits.

Mental health:- It is a subject related to the brain and thinking. A person needs to have good mental health to deal with happiness and sorrow and moderate behavior and trouble in different situations. To acquire the best position to express one’s feelings and thoughts with others. Mental health can be improved with a balanced state of mind and happiness and peace.

Intellectual health:- It is associated with mental health, making cognitive decisions on a problem or issue using your understanding knowledge and encouraging creative work and thinking is a symbol of intellectual health. This ability can be acquired to some extent by living together with all i.e. extroverts.

Spiritual Health:- These include personal values and ideals. Even after being healthy in other ways, it is not considered in the category of overall health without spiritual health. Finding the target of your life and finding the right purpose by walking on the right path is a sign of spiritual health.

Social health:- Man is a social creature; he has to be adjusted with everyone. Having good relationships with everyone can improve your social health.

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