Role and responsibility of the teacher

1. Role and responsibility of the teacher

The main basis of education is the teacher. The teacher is not only the creator of the student’s personality, but also the creator of the nation. The embodiment of a nation lies in its citizens. The role of teachers in shaping the future citizens of a nation is extremely important. (Role and responsibility of the teacher) From time immemorial, the importance of the teacher has been praised only because of the knowledge imparted by him.

Only on the strength of such wise masters did our nation get the privilege of becoming Jagadguru. Even today, teachers can beautify the future of the country by building the future of the students with the same fidelity. The role of the teacher is not limited to teaching students. Apart (Role and responsibility of the teacher) from studies, it is also the responsibility of the teacher to make the students realize the responsibilities related to social life and to make them capable of building a society.

Such students form the basis of the development of the society in the future. It is up to the teacher to fulfill the desires, aspirations and objectives of the society through education. ” It is the responsibility of teachers to fulfill the aspirations of the society and the nation.

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Role of teacher in nation building

Teacher has an important role in the mental development of students. A skilled teacher can develop a sense of nationalism in the students through his teaching style. While the sense of nationalism on the one hand makes the students patriotic and ideal citizens, (Role and responsibility of the teacher) on the other hand it also develops national unity in the students.

1.1 Developing a child’s instincts:

    According to the famous pedagogue Froebel, “Education is a process that reveals the child’s inner qualities and strengths.” Only a skilled teacher can develop the child by recognizing his inner qualities. This task is not possible without a teacher.

    1.2 Personality development:

    According to Woodworth – “Personality is the name of the broadest characteristic of a person’s entire behavior.” In the modern age, it is not enough for children to develop only their inner strengths, development of their external personality is also very necessary. The teacher plays an important role in the development of the inner and outer personality of children.

    1.3 Awakening the spirit of sociality:

    Man is a social creature and it is the responsibility of the teacher to make him socially (Role and responsibility of the teacher) friendly. The teacher introduces the person to the ideals, values and humanity of the society. What are the duties and rights of a person towards the society and how to make good use of them, all these things are known only by the teacher?

    1.4 Control of basic tendencies:

    Some basic tendencies are innate in children. A teacher purifies those basic tendencies, guides them, and also works to control them. This develops the personality of the child. The task of the teacher is to improve the basic tendencies of the child and motivate him to serve the society and the nation.

    1.5 Preparing for future life:

    The teacher teaches students different subjects and professions. He enables his student to perform his duties towards family, society and country well after getting education. If the youth of the country is self-reliant then it will always be helpful in the progress and development of the nation.

    1.6 Character building and moral development:

    The important role of the teacher is to build the character of the children and to develop their morals. Only through good education does the child interview Satya, Shiva, Sundaram and try to bring him into his conduct. Mahatama Gandhi was also said – “If education is to make its name meaningful, then its main function should be to provide moral education.”

    1.7 Developing the qualities of the ideal citizen:

    The ultimate duty of the teacher is to develop the qualities of the ideal citizen in the students through his education, so that the student can better understand his duties and rights and use them properly in life. Ideal citizens play a key role in building an ideal nation.

    1.8 Communicating the national spirit:

    Only an ideal teacher communicates national unity and patriotism among the students through his education. The independent existence of a nation depends on its ideal citizens. Only with their cooperation the nation becomes advanced and strong. Every good citizen is helpful in (Role and responsibility of the teacher) nation building and a teacher has to fulfill his nation building responsibilities by making ignorant children good citizens.

    1.9 Our Culture and Nation -Introducing Pride:

    A good teacher introduces students to their culture and national pride. The teacher generates national devotion in all the students by presenting an ideal with his mind, words and behavior. Such teachers give new direction to the children and they help in nation building.

    1.10 Giving proper guidance:

    Proper guidance is needed to move forward on the path of progress in life. There are many types of instruction; Such as personal instruction, educational instruction and professional instruction. Attempts are made to solve the personal problems of the person by personal direction. Professional direction checks the interest, aptitude and ability of the person and advises him to choose a business accordingly. A teacher helps his students to become successful citizens of the country by giving proper guidance in all these subjects.

    2. Beautiful by purposeful education

    Building a civilized society – A skilled teacher gives every student the best education of all subjects and makes him a (Role and responsibility of the teacher) good doctor, engineer, judicial and administrative officer as well as a good person. In the absence of social knowledge, on the one hand, the student is unable to give the right direction to the society, on the other hand, in the absence of spiritual knowledge, he takes wrong decisions and leads himself as well as his family, society, country and the world towards destruction. Can cause.

    Therefore, it is the duty of the teacher to play his important role in building a beautiful and civilized society by strengthening the foundation of the students from the very beginning.

    Thus the teacher is the creator of a civilized and peaceful nation and world. A teacher (Role and responsibility of the teacher) should sow the ideological seeds of ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam’ as Nepalese culture and civilization in his tender mind to give a beautiful and secure future to all his students and to establish peace and unity in the whole world.

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