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Types of Architecture of Network (Client server: Servers, Clients, Peer to Peer, Client-server)

Architecture of Network

Client Server

Servers: A server is a computer that serves many different computers in a network by running specialized software and storing information. For example, web pages are stored on servers. Servers are special, powerful computers that provide ‘services’ to the client computers on the network. These services might include:

  • Providing a central, common file storage area.
  • Sharing hardware such as printers.
  • Controlling who can or can’t have access the network.
  • Sharing Internet connections.

Servers are built to be very reliable. This means that they are much more expensive that normal computers. In client/server computing, computer processing is split between client machine and server machines linked by a network. Users interface with the client machines.

Clients: Client computers, or workstations, are the normal computers that people sit at to get their work done. When you access a web page, your computer is acting as a client. A client runs familiar software such as web browsers or email software, and it communicate with the server to get the information it requires.

ServerServing Files and Data

Peer to Peer: Peer to Peer is a type of network in which each workstation has equivalent capabilities and responsibilities. This differs from client/server architectures, in which some computers are dedicated to serving has others.

Client-server: A network architecture in which each computer or process on the network is either a client or a server. Servers are powerful computers or processes dedicated to managing disk drives (file servers), printers (print servers), or network traffic (network services). Clients are PCs or workstations on which users run applications. Clients rely on servers for resources, such as files, devices, and even processing power.

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