How can we make ourselves happy

This is the story of a man who used to work in an office. I used to be very upset because of the pressure of office work that there is so much work to hear the scolding of the boss.

The same one who was angry used to come to the office house and vent his anger on the children, he used to vent his anger on his wife, he used to quarrel at home. It seemed to him that the existence or non-existence of his life is equal.

When someone would call from friends, he would cut the call, relatives would come, he would get angry. One day he was sitting in his house like this

Her child came to her and came and said, “Daddy, help me, let me do my homework, then he stopped his child and drove him away. From here, I am sitting here to do my homework.”

After a while when his anger cooled down, he felt that he should go and help the child once and do his homework, then he went to the child’s room and saw that he was asleep.

The child had a copy of the homework on his head. He fell asleep while doing the homework.

It read what was written in it, it felt like once we read what the child was doing, in which he needed help, then the homework was his head. “

Things we don’t like at first, but gradually we start to like. ”The child had to write an essay on this topic.

Thank you so much for the final exams which at first seem bad to us but because of which summer vacations come later We all get better

Then that child further wrote thank you so much for the alarm clock that wakes us up in the morning we don’t like it but because of that when we wake up we know we are alive,

Thank you so much to the one above, the child thanked God that my daddy came into my life because of you, my daddy scolds me in the beginning I don’t like it at all but later they take me for a walk

Good food blooms, toys are given, then the above, thank you for sending my father in my life, because one of my friends is not even my father.

This was the last line, this line shook this man, shook him to the inside, he woke up from sleep and he wondered what is in his life that he is still missing.

While copying the essay of that child, he started blabbering on saying, “Thank you so much above, I have a house because of you, many have no home, what if I am paying EMI”

So after that he said thank you so much because of you above I have family because many don’t even have family they are alone in the world

This man said thank you so much above because of you I have office I have work I have work pressure I have a little pressure I have a job many have no job at all, thank you so much for this life Which you gave me A small story gives the mantra of a very big positive. Find happiness in what you have got in life.

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